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WellHaus Media



WellHaus Media projects advance the understanding and awareness of solution-oriented, wellness-based paradigms for modern aging, increased health span, end of life issues and the art of caregiving.


What We Do


Your brand is your story. Our job is to tell it. We listen. We shape. We make sure that what you communicate is powerful, smart and to the point - and as playful, bright, serious or surprising as it needs to be to get noticed. And, oh yes. Aesthetics count. 

We fine tune your brand narrative to ensure your voice is clear, your message is strong and your positioning stands out in the crowd. WHM will evaluate the tools you have and the tools you'll need to streamline the process of connecting with your intended audience - whether updating websites, refining SM strategies, launching PR campaigns, designing events or creating something else that neither of us had considered before. 

Brand positioning | Public relations| Website creative development | Social Media program development | Media training


Aging and longevity are front and center topics for a generation of individuals who are facing this stage of life with a very different attitude. Our perspective is on the positive. We collect knowledge and give voice to the who, how and why of ideas that accelerate cultural change, tangible solutions, affordable alternatives and the creation of a holistic infrastructure able to  support both individual needs and the common good. 

Visually alluring, content dense, informed and intuitive, WHM customized presentations both report and forecast important initiatives, opportunities and challenges. WellHaus is proud of its particular aging and longevity expertise in design, caregiving, community, wellness and end of life issues. 

Custom trend reports | Custom trend reports and presentations

speeches, webinars and online coursework

WHM appreciates thought leadership. If you've got it but need help framing your story for particular audiences, we can help. We believe in making the most of your uniqueness and focus on communicating an engaging narrative that sticks - whether told as a speech, a webinar or online coursework.  

Speech writing|Webinar content development, editing services and coaching|Curriculum editing


Extending your brand communication into real-time environments, we develop smart, immersive experiences that embody your brand intelligence and elevate its resonance with your audience. More than simply putting your product in someone's hands, our projects seek to promote learning and original thinking relative to your bright idea. The take away is transformative, memorable and unique to you. 

Conference curation and production| Speaker series development| Exhibition design | Retreat design  












Meet the Team

Liz Mazurski

Founder, Creative Director
Liz is a communicator. As mad for words as images, she knows how to use the power of bringing both in alignment to express an idea and bring it to life. WellHaus Media is an extension of her work as a creative director and magazine editor, bringing her richly diverse experience in public relations, editorial management and concept development to serve her personal mission to help people find their own best health.

In WellHaus, she is immersed in bringing a vision to life, one that is actively engaged in shifting cultural perceptions of aging, longevity and end of life. Leveraging hands-on experience in content creation, experience design, and the communication arts, she brings her deep knowledge of and instinct for the wellness industry - from spas, retreats and the healing arts to beauty, nutrition and lifestyle brands to WHM's diverse portfolio. 

PORTFOLIO: California Health & Longevity Institute, Presidio Trust, Viceroy Hotel Group, Four Seasons Hotels, Lumeria Maui, Grow Marketing, Spa Magazine, Time Inc., Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Conde Nast


Danny Kraus

Partner, Account Director
Downright religious in his approach to creating holistic strategies that drive success, Danny has more than 25 years of publicity and marketing communications experience in generating coverage and engagement for brands at any stage of their lifecycle.

Danny thrives on immersing himself in a brand's value proposition, learning about its products, services and innovations and then crafting stories that grab media attention and reach the target audience, using social and online platforms, radio, TV, print, and the influencers who ignite buzz. 

PORTFOLIO: Prana, Labelux, University of California, Birkenstock, McKesson, Tazo, CafePress, Jamba Juice, Tokbox, The Balvenie, PepsiCo., FRS, JanSport, Annie's, GAP Japan, Theranos, Bionorica, Levi Strauss


tracy wheeler

Experience Designer
Tracy designs experiences—intimate to community wide—that advance organizations and the people they serve. Passionate about education and committed to purpose, she strives to leave participants informed, engaged, and delighted. Having spent the past decade advancing arts and culture in the Bay Area, she has recently expanded her focus to include finding and championing the people and places at the leading edge of reimagining aging and the experience at end of life in America.

PORTFOLIO:  ampersand international arts, Bennington College’s Center for the Advancement of Public Action, Big Bend Lodge, End Well, Gap, Levi Strauss, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Roxie Theater, SATELLITE OF. LOVE, and Southern Exposure

The Word on WellHaus 

"Danny & Liz helped bring us to the world, and the world to us. With so many pitfalls to navigate along the way, we always knew we were in good hands.  And in our delicate line of work, sensitivity and attention to detail is invaluable and so hard to come by.  We found it in spades with these two.  Having WHM on your team is like having a kind and thoughtful and fierce - and funny - protector out in front of you."

BJ Miller, MD - Former Executive Director, Zen Hospice Project


"WellHaus Media gave me the attention, support and guidance I needed to evolve from voice to full-fledged advocate. Danny and Liz helped me craft my message carefully and in a way that would captivate my audience. Their intuitive approach is couched in deep listening, empathy and boundless enthusiasm. What a joy to work with them!"

Jessica Nutik Zitter, MD, MPH - as seen in Extremis, author of Extreme Measures


“I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Wellhaus Media during the founding stages of Beauty Heroes®. They gave me invaluable direction and insight for shaping the core values and programs that we're still executing on today.  It was a true privilege to work with a team that could develop and deliver sophisticated and thoughtful marketing campaigns that built trust and brought long term value to our customer. WellHaus is perfect for anyone looking to speak to their customer in an intelligent, kind and discerning voice.” 

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes 


info@wellhausmedia.com / 323.821-1571