We are a marketing agency and consultancy dedicated to the contemporary aging revolution.

An emerging generation of modern elders is calling for new products, services, experiences and ideas that speak to their ambitions for a long life, well-lived. WellHaus works with the visionaries who are meeting this challenge and who understand this moment as an opportunity both for good business and cultural change.

Our clients include health care, senior living, caregiving, hospitality, lifestyle brands and related wellness and design industries—all of whom share an unabashed interest in creating a reimagined landscape for modern aging.



We specialize in the creation of identity and visibility strategies and platforms for wellness-oriented aging- and longevity-related businesses.

Our practice incorporates deep listening, thoughtful research, and generative collaboration to create effective solutions that reach beyond the status quo.


Research & Insights

Brand Strategy / Positioning

Content Strategy & Creation

Tone, Voice & Messaging


Brand Identity & Guidelines


Copy & Art Direction

Public Relations Campaigns

Product and Service Innovation

Experiential Design

Conference and Lecture Series



Our clients are visionaries who strive to improve the wellbeing of the aging community and the culture at large.

As content creators for End Well, the leading forum on design for the end of life experience, we have been immersed for the past four years in the core issues effecting personal, cultural and practical relationships with mortality. From explorations of the impact of sound on our wellbeing to the alarming pervasiveness of bias in healthcare, our work in support of End Well’s mission has deepened not only our knowledge of this sector but also our commitment to creative activism at every scale.

Learn more about our work with End Well here.


Merging nutrition and genomic science with the culinary arts, The Genomic Kitchen (TGK) is driven by a desire to help people succeed in their pursuit of healthy longevity. To develop its health-curious consumer base, we rolled up our sleeves alongside TGK’s founder to translate the complexity of the science into appealingly accessible consumer-facing platforms. We had our gene profile done and are now big fans of chickpeas and radish tops - for good reason.

“WellHaus has been an amazing creative and strategic partner for me. A joy, a pleasure, a winning team.” - Amanda Archibald, RD, Founder of The Genomic Kitchen


Chances are, at some point on the aging trajectory, we’re all going to need some kind of help. For some this will be embodied in a helpful caregiver. For others this might mean using some kind of device to help keep us upright, moving forward with ease, and engaged in the world around us. As a barrier-breaking showcase for the best in aging design, WellHaus Gallery presents products, knowledge and beauty in support of healthy longevity and caregiving.



WellHaus is a vision for making change in how people imagine, perceive and experience aging. Underscoring the resonance of design and aesthetics on whole person wellbeing, our name speaks our ideals. Welcome to WellHaus.


Liz Mazurski

Liz is the co-founder and creative director of WellHaus Media, a marketing collective dedicated to transforming cultural perceptions of aging and helping people lead long, healthy, rewarding lives. An award-winning creative, she advocates for self-health, mindful design, transformative experiences and lively conversation.


Danny Kraus

Danny is director of strategy at WellHaus Media, of which he is co-founder. Measured, thoughtful, and deeply versed in the art of publicity and marketing communications, Danny brings a wealth of experience from his 20+ years in the field, working on both the client and agency side in brand positioning, public relations, project management and big picture thinking.

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Danny and Liz helped bring us to the world, and the world to us. With so many pitfalls to navigate along the way, we always knew we were in good hands.  And in our delicate line of work, sensitivity and attention to detail is invaluable and so hard to come by.  We found it in spades with these two.  Having WHM on your team is like having a kind and thoughtful and fierce - and funny - protector out in front of you.
— BJ Miller, MD - Past Executive Director, Zen Hospice Project, co-author, A Beginner’s Guide to the End
WellHaus Media gave me the attention, support and guidance I needed to evolve from voice to full-fledged advocate. Their intuitive approach is couched in deep listening, empathy and boundless enthusiasm. What a joy to work with them!
— Jessica Nutik Zitter, MD, MPH - as seen in Extremis, author of Extreme Measures
It was a true privilege to work with a team that could develop and deliver sophisticated and thoughtful marketing campaigns that built trust and brought long term value to our customer. WellHaus is perfect for anyone looking to speak to their customer in an intelligent, kind and discerning voice.
— Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes